Monday, September 20, 2010

West Bengal Full Time Contractual Lecturer Association

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  1. Teaching is known to be the noblest of all professions and the school and college

    teachers are considered to be holding the highest positions in the society as they build the

    foundation of the modern society.But do we, the contractual lecturers, fall in this respectable

    lot? Our everyday experiences at the colleges say "no".

    The commitment of a Contractual Lecturer to a college here in Kolkata is for Five hours everyday

    for five days a week which is same as that of a permanent lecturer. Apart from taking classes,

    we have to do all other duties such as invigilation during examinations, admission related work

    etc. But in return what do we get? A remuneration which causes people to laugh at us when they

    hear...Rs.4000/- to Rs.8,000/- which varies between colleges depending on their financial

    conditions; whereas the starting salary of a permanent lecturer is no less than Rs.23,000/-.

    When there is no disparity in terms of work load, why is there such a huge disparity in case of

    monetary reward?

    There is more to come.The remuneration we are paid is much less than what the Group D staffs are

    paid in the colleges.And the outcome is what is expected of them. They treat us as temporary

    staffs whom the colleges have hired probably to work under their instructions.They often make

    sarcastic remarks giving us suggestions that either we are wasting our education thus acquired

    with a lot of hard work all these years or we are not worth of getting a better opportunity. We

    have been turned into a laughing stock for everybody.

    Another piece of useful information I would like to share with the readers. The G.S. of the

    college is a member of Governing Body of the College. Quite naturally, he/she is well aware of

    our status and from him/her the information very easily passes on to the rest of the

    students.Now the students find it very difficult to show us the same respect as the permanent

    lecturers. At times, they even display through their actions, "better not meddle with our

    affairs being temporary in your place."

    Many of us including me, have nurtured this dream of becoming a teacher in our grown-up

    life.Dreaming to become a college lecturer was a step further and of course a dream framed in

    gold.When I got this opportunity, I was on the seventh heaven and felt I shall now pass on

    whatever I learnt from my respected and beloved teachers, to my students.I would try to inspire

    and encourage my students and make their learning experience a never ending enjoyment.But my

    hopes were shattered when I faced the truth.

    Sangita Bhattacharya

  2. To-morrow, perhaps the future. The research on fatigue
    And the movements of packers; the gradual exploring of all the
    Octaves of radiation;
    To-morrow the enlarging of consciousness by diet and breathing.

    To-morrow the rediscovery of romantic love,
    the photographing of ravens; all the fun under
    Liberty's masterful shadow;
    To-morrow the hour of the pageant-master and the musician,

    The beautiful roar of the chorus under the dome;
    To-morrow the exchanging of tips on the breeding of terriers,
    The eager election of chairmen
    By the sudden forest of hands. But to-day the struggle.

    To-morrow for the young the poets exploding like bombs,
    The walks by the lake, the weeks of perfect communion;
    To-morrow the bicycle races
    Through the suburbs on summer evenings. But to-day the struggle.

    To-day the deliberate increase in the chances of death,
    The consious acceptance of guilt in the necessary murder;
    To-day the expending of powers
    On the flat ephemeral pamphlet and the boring meeting.

    To-day the makeshift consolations: the shared cigarette,
    The cards in the candlelit barn, and the scraping concert,
    The masculine jokes; to-day the
    Fumbled and unsatisfactory embrace before hurting.

    The stars are dead. The animals will not look.
    We are left alone with our day, and the time is short, and
    History to the defeated
    May say Alas but cannot help nor pardon.

  3. Please take some actions for the lecturers who are getting appointment from this academic session, July 2011. Colleges are appointing us as visiting faculties and giving remunerations on their own manner like Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 in different colleges. So hope that you will provide us the proper guidelines to be taken in this situation.