Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Attention !!!!!

Today a team of CWTTs met with Jt. Secretary and Jt. DPI of Higher Education Dept. to request the following :
1. To speed up the approval procedure..
2. To wall up the list of the colleges getting approval..
3. To consider the pending cases as soon as possible...
They have assured that the above requests will be considered..
Thanks to Mr.Sujit Das,Secretary, ABPC, Mr. Soumendu Sengupta and Mr. Anjan Sengupta for their presence and immense support.. 


  1. apnara Self Finance Course sambondhhe vabchen na keno.keno ki tarao ekjon apnader maton full time contractual teacher.
    Jayant Loha

  2. will it be possible to give the list of the second lot of colleges? actually we are from Panihati College and we were asked to contact after 7th. but we have come to know that a second list is put up but we are not sure if we shud go now and enquire. I mean the person in charge might get pretty angry since he had already asked us not to bother him before 7th. please help.

  3. Please enlighten us about the list of the colleges of 2nd phase.